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Comprehensive Maintenance, Service and Repairs for All Vehicles

Automotive Mechanical Services

Auto Body Shop Winnipeg Automotive mechanical services

Your owner's manual is the best way to learn how to maintain and maximize the life and performance of your vehicle. Routine scheduled maintenance will ensure that your car is in top-running condition.

  • Diagnostics.
  • Lube and oil changes.
  • Engine tune-ups.
  • Batteries, lighting and electrical systems.
  • Exhaust systems.
  • Cooling and air conditioning.
  • Suspension, shocks and struts.
  • Brakes.
  • Transmission and clutch servicing.
  • Tire inspection and replacement.
  • Wheel alignments.


Auto Body Shop Winnipeg Automotive diagnostics services
SKI Collision diagnostics

Discovering your vehicle's problems is easier and more effective than ever before using specialized diagnostic software. Our technicians can run a test to find issues in major components of your car in addition to using their expertise and experience to find the best solution for any issues. Diagnostic tests can also keep a record of your car's history to aid in decision making for future repairs.

A car diagnostic test provides a quick and accurate assessment of your vehicle. Technicians will scan your vehicle's onboard computer, document any diagnostic trouble codes, and check for service notifications issued by your vehicle's manufacturer.

Engine Tune-Ups

Auto Body Shop Winnipeg Check engine warning light

It's time to bring your vehicle into SKI Collision & Glass when your "check engine" light comes on. Don't let a minor problem become a major issue. Get it checked out now.

Tune-up intervals vary from one vehicle to another. Most older vehicles with non-electronic ignitions should be tuned every 16,000 to 20,000 km or every year, whichever comes first. Newer cars with electronic ignition and fuel injection systems are scheduled to go from 40,000 km to as many as 160,000 km without needing a major tune-up.

Refer to your owner’s manual for recommended tune-up intervals, but be aware that even if it says that the vehicle doesn’t require scheduled tune-ups very often, it’s in your best interest to check periodically that your vehicle is working at peak efficiency. If you do a lot of stop-and-go driving or pull heavy loads (like a camper or boat), you may need to be tuned up more often.

You may need a tune-up if:

  • Your car stalls a lot. The spark plugs may be fouled or worn, the gap between the spark plug electrodes may need adjusting, or an electronic sensing device may need to be adjusted.
  • The engine is running rough when idling or when you accelerate. Chances are your vehicle needs a tune-up.

Cooling and Air Conditioning

Auto Body Shop Winnipeg Automotive air conditioning

Getting stuck in traffic during sunny summer months in Winnipeg (or anywhere) makes a properly functioning air-conditioning system critical to your commute. It's easy to take for granted that a vehicle's air conditioning is a complex system. The simplest explanation is, several parts and components work together to turn hot and dirty outside air into cold and clean air inside.

When to service your air conditioning? A faulty air conditioning system can cause bacteria and a funky smell in your car. Each year your car loses 10% of its Freon, and within 5 years it is only 50% efficient. Unless the Freon is replaced, the system will be less able to keep you cool and refreshed. If left without repair, eventually the system will fail and need replacement parts.

We drain and recharge the system:check hoses, filters, belts, seals and connections; and make sure the compressor and condenser are working correctly. We recommend that air conditioning systems be serviced every 2 years.

Benefits servicing your air conditioning:

  • Keeps you fresh, alert and safe.
  • Maintains the mechanical integrity of the system.

Oil Changes

Auto Body Shop Winnipeg Oil change

Oil changes adequately ensure all parts of your engine are running smoothly. If you allow your vehicle's oil to become contaminated with dust and debris, keeping the moving parts from lubrication, the engine is at risk of failure. Easily prevent this by scheduling routine oil changes according to your owner's manual, but at a minimum, the oil should be changed every 6 months.

We offer synthetic blend and full synthetic oil change service. With every oil change, we perform a visual multi-point inspection for your vehicle.


Auto Body Shop Winnipeg car and truck batteries

Batteries can typically last about 3-5 years. If you notice your trouble starting your engine, headlights flickering or a light on your dashboard, or loss of accessory power, bring your vehicle into the shop to prevent a dead battery. An honest assessment can be done with a simple test to gauge your car's battery life.

When to replace your battery. Your vehicle's battery has a terminal life span. Improper charging, flattening the charge, heat or vibration all reduce the life of a battery. Your engine may not start in cold weather because the battery is not holding its charge. A fully functioning battery supplies about 12.6 volts. If this falls to 12.0 volts, the state of charge drops by 75%.

Sometimes it may be a fault in the alternator which will not give the battery a correct charge.

Battery types. It is very important to have the exact specification battery for your car otherwise it will result in failure of the battery at an early stage. The main cost of the battery is the lead content. Beware of low-cost batteries as they may not have the lead content required and will fail quickly.

Benefits of checking your battery. Peace of mind knowing your car will start reliably. Measuring actual battery performance against specified levels predicts if it may fail in the near future, so you can replace your battery before this happens.

Starting and Charging Systems

Auto Body Shop Winnipeg engine starter

The engine’s rotating crankshaft produces a charge that the alternator turns into DC voltage. Without an alternator, the battery won’t charge your accessory components such as your headlights and radio will not function. You won’t be able to start your engine or your car may stop during your commute if the alternator is faulty.

If you notice any of the following signs, it’s a good chance you may need alternator repair.

  • The battery warning light turns on.
  • The battery does not hold a charge.
  • Dim lights.

Since the alternator is connected to different engine components, trained mechanics, are needed to find the exact cause.

Tire Rotation

Auto Body Shop Winnipeg Car and truck tires

SKI Collision & Glass recommends rotating your tires every 8,000 to 24,000 km, depending on your driving habits. Regularly rotating your tires helps with balanced road-handling and traction along with even wearing on each tire for prolonged longevity of your tires.

Regularly rotating your tires also gives us a good opportunity to visually inspect the tire for damage, check their air pressure and tread depth, and have them rebalanced if you’re noticing any vibration.

Brake Repair

Auto Body Shop Winnipeg Brakes

Due to the regularity in which brakes are used in everyday driving and the importance they have in safety, it's good to have your brakes inspected often. How often will depend on how frequently and aggressive you operate your vehicle. Proper maintenance will allow for safe stops and potentially avoiding an accident.

SKI Collision & Glass has expert knowledge in brake repair, installation, resurfacing, caliper replacement, actuator and pump service and wheel speed sensor repair.

  • Red Warning Light.
  • Audible Metallic Sound.
  • Grinding Sound With Dramatic Change in Braking Efficiency.


Auto Body Shop Winnipeg Automatic transmission

The transmission is highly technical and important to the operation of your car's power from the engine to the wheels. A manual transmission uses a gear-to-gear design, while automatic transmissions have clutch packs. Trained skills are required to work on transmissions of any type.

Signs your transmission may need maintenance.

  • Slipping gears.
  • Hesitating engagement in drive or reverse.
  • Bucking feeling.
  • Grinding gears.
  • Difficulty shifting.
  • Unusually loud noises.
  • Check engine light is flashing.


Auto Body Shop Winnipeg Drivetrain

The energy that is carried from your engine and used to deliver force to your car's wheels is created by the drivetrain. It needs to stay properly lubricated for ideal performance. The drivetrain should be repaired as soon as possible at the first sign of trouble, and should be maintained according to manufacturer's specifications.

Front-wheel drive (FWD), rear-wheel drive (RWD), all-wheel drive (AWD), and four-wheel drive (4WD). We do them all.

Your drivetrain should be inspected if you experience any of the following symptoms:

  • Difficulty turning or parking your vehicle.
  • A low squeaking sound that gets louder when decelerating.
  • Vibration when moving or idling.

Steering, Shocks and Suspension

Auto Body Shop Winnipeg Shock absorbers

Steering and suspension are what make your drive feel steady. If you feel like your car has become rough, it may be due to your steering and/or suspension. Suspension parts in some vehicles are closest to the ground that makes them more susceptible to damage.

We have expert knowledge in shocks, struts, tie rod ends, control arms, steering stabilizers, drag links, sway bars and links, power steering pumps and hoses and, rack and pinion steering.

Exhaust Systems

Auto Body Shop Winnipeg Exhaust systems

Your exhaust system is used to guide reaction exhaust gases away from a controlled combustion inside the engine. The entire system conveys burnt gases from the engine and includes the exhaust manifold, a catalytic converter, muffler, resonator and one or more tailpipes.

If you smell any strange odours, this may be a sign that your exhaust system is malfunctioning.